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1.  I no longer charge a membership fee. As a membership site I can share with you information that the government normally wouldn't allow or I could get prosecuted.  But I'm protected under the 1st &14th amendment within a membership. Members can share information. So I offer it to you for FREE!!! so EVERYONE can find natural remedies.


Most sites will give you 1 or 2 remedies- I give you at least 10 Remedies (often more) for every health problem you can think of. If your health issue is not listed, contact me and I will do the research for it.


**Disclaimer: We are not suggesting that you replace or add any herbal remedies without consulting your doctor. By saying what these herbs are used for we are not prescribing a medical regimen. Use caution and seek professional advise for any herbs you are unfamiliar with. These remdies are considered for educational purposes. This is not a substitute for a doctors care. If you are having a health issue, are not improving, or your health declines, seek a medical professional.**


2. I specialize in Only PROVEN remedies, no guess work. But remember I am a village herbalist not a doctor. These are suggestions.


3. I've combined the best information from all over the internet, including over a 100 books & interviews with natural healthcare practitioners. No research needed. I did years of research for you.


4. Everyones body works differently. If you find that one remedy doesn't work for YOU then you still have 9 more chances to find something that WILL work for you.


5. 911 Natural Healthcare-SAVES YOU MONEY! I look for the least expensive remedies and supplements. Many times the answers to your health problems are right in your yard or kitchen or very low cost to buy. I provide links to the lowest cost sellers of quality suppliments, oils & herbs.


6. All the remedies are EASY TO MAKE and LOW COST to buy. Everything is easy to read. No lengthy complicated explanations.


7. Membership funds recieved are going to be used toward website improvements, benefit the Natural Healthcare Movement and progressive media. They are on the front lines of Healthcare reform so everyone can afford Heathcare. They also are trying to protect natural remedies, vitamins, & suppliments so they do not become outlawed due to the pharmecuetical company's lobbying.


8. It's quick, easy, & handy. When you are sick the last thing you want to do is bundle up and climb into a car to go to your doctor. No sitting in the waiting room for a long time, no waiting in the exam room,  and no waiting at the drug store. No going 3 places while you are all ready exhausted & sick. No searching the internet for hours for the best remedy while you are not feeling well.


9.  I even tell you how to Stock a Natural Medicine Cabinet so you'll be able to take care of yourself, family, friends, & pets when you do have a health issue.


10. It's fun to go on the Politics of Healthcare Blog. I'll keep you current on all aspects of the politics of healthcare, making remedies is a creative outlet, and its fun the help family, friends, and even your pets. You'll look a hero by helping others to get well.





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Teeth, Thyroid Problems, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
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The Water Cure
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FREE Remedy Recipe, FREE Bonus Remedy, FREE Monthly Newsletter. Have No Health Insurance? Paying too much while insured? Here is your solution! 911 Natural Healthcare with lots of FREE stuff! Ridiculously LOW COST, EASY Natural Remedies. Politics in Healthcare Blog & much, much more! Healthcare for your family, friends & even pets!






      These remedies are free or low priced to save you money. You can change your own profile information yourself anytime you need to. The Symptom & Sickness Search will continually grow, but if you have a health issue that is not on it, please send me an email and I'll try to accommodate you. You also can contribute to our forum and let us know of any natural cures that you know of, and what information worked or didn't work for your body. I will also be sending out a free newsletter and keeping you informed of the latest information on the politics of healthcare and the Occupy Healthcare movements by a blog and Facebook.
      Ten years ago, when I had insurance, and my husband had a good job, I had breast cancer. I had double mastectomy and reconstruction and have been cancer-free ever since. After all my surgeries, my immune system went down. I developed 8 bronchitis/Pneumonias, 6 Staph Infections (4 of which were drug resistant), Psdeudomonas, and a colonized chronic infection that not even Johns Hopkins could identify and help me with. All in the span of 4 years. I was a death's door so often I lost count, But, I would never give up!  After the Johns Hopkins Infectious Disease doctor declared that their was nothing he could do. A nurse whispered that maybe I could find some natural remedies on line. 1 month and 2 bottles of Silverbiotics later, I was cured!
     But, now I find, that, like so many others with pre-existing conditions,  I cannot afford health insurance. We've also been declined for various stupid reasons, like obesity. I can assure you while I am round, I am certainly not so "obese" that I should be declined for health insurance. Out of necessity, I stepped up my research into all forms of natural healthcare. I've always been interested in the relationship between plants, good food, and health, but now I was on a quest to keep myself and my family well. And much to my surprise, I've never been healthier. Even my pet are getting natural healthcare. Now I want to share my knowledge to help you. 
      I'm German. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland and most of Europe, they recognize that natural remedies work so well that they require that you try the natural remedies first before you receive a prescription. In this way they are able to keep healthcare costs down and cover 100% of all their citizens and have wonderful healthcare systems that don't exploit the citizens with profit greed policies. This also means they don't develop antibiotic resistance, they are basiclly healthier, and free of the side effects of many medicines. Even tylenol taken too frequently will cause liver damage.
       As a Village Herbalist, I've been teaching people to deal with health issues my whole life. Now I want to share them with you. As a life & health coach, I can also provide you with secret life lessons, so you will succeed at reaching your health and happiness goals.



      As 911 Natural Healthcare member, you will recieve access to concise lists of proven natural and home remedies that will save you time and money. I don't waste your time explaining why each remedy works. When you are not feeling well, you just want quick answers, not a science lesson. This way, you don't have to get in the car while you are not feeling well, but instead just go to your computer, find your symptom or sickness, look through your pantry and start getting better. Many remedies can be found in your yard or kitchen. I will also teach you what to buy to stock a natural medicine cabinet.


A Healthcare Membership For Your Whole Family, Friends, and Pets is FREE
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Contact me at: MapleKarin@gmail.com and I'll get back to you quickly to answer any questions.

This site will be constantly updated, so if you have any suggestions, requests, want a new topic added, or want to share your knowledge, please contact me at MapleKarin@gmail.com. For evening life coaching & health coaching or Sacred Home Ministries call 570-815-6049.


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Disclaimer: We are not suggesting that you replace or add any sort of herbal remedies for any ailments without consulting your doctor. By stating what these herbs are used for, we are not prescribing any sort of medical regimen. Use caution & seek professional advise for natural products if you are unfamiliar with them. These remedies are considered folklore home remedies for educational purposes. This is not a substitute for a doctor's care. If you are having a health issue, you are not improving, or your health declines, seek a medical professional.
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